How to dress for rafting and what to take with you?

On warm days: just a short athletic shorts and a sports shirt. The cooler: it’s best to wear sports pants from fabrics that do not absorb water, a long-sleeved shirt. On rainy and cold days: waterproof jacket, long pants. Mandatory shoes are best bonded or sandals. After the dressing room is available, we recommend taking with you: a towel, underwear for disguise.

Can I take electronic equipment with me for rafting, eg a camera or a telephone?

Yes, there will be many interesting places on the rafting route where you can take a picture of yourself. We have watertight drums and bags that you can use, however, only the participant is responsible for the destruction or wetting of the equipment.

How to get to rafting?

Meeting place: Główna 240 Szczawnica in the opposite to the Karczma Pienińska

I would like to take part in rafting but I do not have a group of minimum 6 people.

This is the everyday situation, you book with us, we collect a group and organize rafting. Usually, there are no problems with it.

Other important information


Luggage – what you can take with you on canoe or raft trips.

For rafting canoe or pontoon you can take with you: water in a plastic bottle or other non-alcoholic drink, camera, phone, camera in waterproof bags or case.


You will not need to take a trip, but if you want to take it before you start your trip, you should think about proper securing of documents. Special waterproof bags are available with us when you rent kayaks.

Medicines and other medical supplies

Before the planned rafting, you need to obtain anti-mosquito bites, sunscreens, sunburn ointments and dressings.


Remember to take extra clothes with you in the event of a sudden change in weather. Waterproof jacket, headgear, and sunglasses. You can rent additional equipment such as: neoprene boots, waterproof jacket, neoprene foam.

Children during rafting

Children and minors may participate in rafting in the presence or with the written consent of a parent or guardian.


Consumption of alcohol during rafting is prohibited.

Help on the water

To the best of our abilities, we try to help other rafting participants or other people in need of help on the river.