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Rafting Dunajec

Rafting Dunajec and many others. Over 20 years of practice in white-water sports, our company has a wide offer for clients with different expectations. As the only company in Poland, we have so much experience supported by our results. We have numerous bases and places where we organize pontoon rafting. Starting from the easiest rafting trips such as: Rafting Dunajec, Rafting in Poprad to more demanding ones: Rafting on the Białka River, Rafting in Krakow and Rafting abroad. By choosing Rivent, you can feel safe under the guidance of professionals. Over 10,000 people have already used our services.

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Canoeing on the Dunajec River

Canoeing Rafting on the Dunajec is an attraction of the Pieniny, which should not be missed during your stay in the region. A fourteen kilometer long route that will stay in your memory for a long time. Rafting on the Dunajec River does not require much experience. All you need is a minimum of kayaking to get around. The standard route of the Dunajec Gorge begins in Sromowce Niżne and ends in Szczawnica or Krościenko on the Dunajec River. For those willing, this route can be extended up to 2-3 days.

Pieniny attractions for active people:

Szczawnica Bikes

Cycling trip A beautiful route along the Dunajec River. The route starts in Szczawnica and ends in the village of Czerwony Klasztor or Sromowce Niżne. The cycling route runs through Slovakia. A bicycle tour is available for everyone. The bicycle route is easy and well marked. Our kayak rental in Szczawnica

Rope park Krościenko nad Dunajcem

Those who would like to feel a bit of adrenaline should definitely go to the rope park in Krościenko on the Dunajec river. The park offers various difficulty routes for children and adults. The biggest attraction of the Rope Park in Krościenko is the Tyrolean Dunajec, 160m downhill to the other side of the river.

Rafting on the Dunajec River

Rafting on the Dunajec River is an attraction of the Pieniny, which must be counted. In addition to the traditional rafting on the Dunajec, there are still much more active rafts on rafts that provide more experience during rafting. We can choose two rafting options on the Dunajec River on canoes or pontoons.

Szczawnica kayak rental

In our canoe rental on the Dunajec you will find equipment from well-known brands such as: Rubber inflatable kayaks, Robson Kayak polyethylene kayaks. We provide full edge training, watertight accessories, helmets, vests and logistics on the trailing route. Our kayak rental in Szczawnica has a free parking space and a barbecue area. We serve individual clients and large groups.

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Integration events for the companies Zakopane and Szczawnica

The region of Zakopane and Szczawnica is the perfect place to organize a company or integration event for employees. Among our attractions in the Pieniny we especially recommend: rafting, canoeing on the Dunajec, canoeing on Poprad, 4×4 cars in the Pieniny, Rope Park in Krościenko on the Dunajec, Paintball in Krościenko on the Dunajec river, barbecues and bonfires, bike tours in the Pieniny.

Canoe training

Learning mountain kayaking under our care is an adventure, strong experience, nice atmosphere. As ex-players with big sports achievements, we approach our work conscientiously. We improve the quality of our canoeing training by acquiring new experiences on rivers, modern equipment and professional mountain kayaking instructors.

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Firma Rivent to również sklep kajakowy. Specjalizujemy się w sprzedaży kajaków turystycznych, kajaków górskich, kajaków wyczynowych oraz odzieży kajakowej znanych marek. Jako jedyny sklep kajakowy znajdujemy się zaraz nad wodą, obok toru kajakarstwa górskiego. Dzięki temu wszystkie nasze kajaki można testować przed zakupem. Zapraszamy!

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Rafting on the Dunajec river

Dunajec rafting is already over two hundred years old tradition that attracts tourists from all over the world. Dunajec rafting is organized in various forms. The most well-known form of rafting on the Dunajec river is rafting with wooden rafting boats. Today, however, kayaking and pontoon are becoming more and more popular, which give plenty of experience and the possibility of active recreation among the mountains of the Pieniny. Similarly to rafting, canoeing or pontoon rallies are organized on the route of the Dunajec Gorge. This is the most interesting and the most beautiful section of the Dunajec river. The season starts in April and ends in November.

Rafting on the Dunajec Route

There are several possibilities for rafting on the Dunajec. The most scenic and interesting episode begins in Niedzica from the dam of the surge tank at the height of the Polana Sosna campsite. The route of the Dunajec turn begins in Sromowce Niżne, but if someone is looking for something more than two hours of rafting, it is best to start in Niedzica and end in Szczawnica. In this way, the flow can be extended to 4-5 hours.

Rafting on the Dunajec in Szczawnica

The best place to go for a rafting on the Dunajec is Szczawnica. Leaving the car in Szczawnica and leaving to the starting place of our trip, we have a simple solution to the problem of where to leave the car. An additional asset is the unmistakable charm of the health resort Szczawnica, where you can not get bored.

Dunajec rafting Zakopane

There are 2 transport options for people who are going to rafting from the Dunajec river in Zakopane. You can buy a full-day trip to the Dunajec rafting with our partner at the Strama tourist office or order a bus with us that will take you to the Dunajec rafting from Zakopane and back.