Poprad River – It is created in the Slovak part of the High Tatras from the connection of the Huta Potok with the Krupa stream flowing out of the Poprad Pond, 167 km long, of which over 100 km lies in Slovakia, 31 km is the Polish-Slovakian border, the rest of the river lies in Poland, to complete its course in the Dunajec river bed after about 31 km, becoming its largest tributary. Rich in fauna and flora is considered to be the warmest mountain river in Poland, very often visited by tourists, it was once believed that a bath in Poprad has healing properties due to mineral springs occurring in its bottom.

An interesting fact is that Poprad in its upper reaches has sections on the scale of WW5 that have not yet been explored by canoeists. Water on this section of the river is only in the spring or after heavy rains and difficult terrain, large trees and steep cascades require considerable experience and determination from canoeists.

Trip route – We start in Muszyna to admire one of the most beautiful sections of the river (bends marking the so-called Polish and Slovakian shovels) for the next few hours and get to know its character. Poprad on this episode has difficulty WW1 on a scale of 1 to 6, so it is ideal for customers who want to start their adventure with kayaks as well as for those more demanding. The end of the route is located in Żegiestów at the height of the footbridge.

Place of meeting:

  • Aleja Zdrojowa 3, 33-370 Muszyna (free parking)
  • The end of the rafting at the height of the footbridge in Żegiestów
  • The length of the route: 12.5 km
  • Trip time: about 3 hours
  • Transport on the rafting route: 20 min

Equipment – We have modern equipment, 1-passenger kayaks, 2-person canoes, mountain kayaks, pneumatic canoes, canoes and pontoons, we only have attested equipment from well-known brands.

The price of renting a canoe on the Poprad river includes:

  • Equipment: helmet, lifejacket, paddle
  • Watertight accessories for electronic equipment
  • Free parking in Muszyna


  • We offer transport on the route of Żegiestów-Muszyna (PLN10 per person)

Price for rent:

  • Single kayak – PLN80 person
  • Single kayak with transport on the trafficking route – PLN90 person
  • Double kayak – PLN60 person
  • Double kayak with transport on the rafting route – PLN70 person
*Prices for organized groups to be determined by email