Rafting in Poland or abroad?

Choosing the right rafting offer is worth answering the question of what we are looking for? The pontoon rafting on which we can take children, extreme rafting or it is supposed to be a one-day adventure or a few-day trip.

A few words about us …
For over 20 years, we have gained extensive experience in white-water sports such as Rafting or Canoeing. Nevertheless, we are still looking for interesting places, new rivers, canyons that can be crossed by a pontoon or canoe. Every year we organize many rafting trips and mountain kayaking courses to Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


Rafting what is it about? What do you need to know about?

Rafting is a pontoon rafting on a mountain river on specially adapted pontoons. The scale of difficulty of rafting on pontoons is valued from 1 to 6 (WWI – WWVI). The scale of WWI’s difficulties is the easiest, completely safe rafting, eg on the Dunajec River. Extremely on the rafting starts from the scale of the WWIII. The WWVI scale is the most difficult scale unattainable for the average person. The pontoon is usually controlled by a helmsman who issues rowing commands while the rest of the participants perform them. In the appearance of the faster and bigger water, the crew effort must be greater. On easy rafting routes we have time to admire the views on the more difficult ones, unfortunately less. Rafting rafters are made of very durable material with high resistance to abrasion or puncturing. Each professional pontoon is made of separate chambers, outflows, foot straps, rigging and mooring.

Rafting in Poland

Starting the adventure with rafting it is worth not forget about rafting on the river Dunajec. The easiest and most popular option for pontoon rafting through the Dunajec Gorge. It may not necessarily be full of impressions, but certainly people who never take part in this type of rafting should not complain. The advantage of the attractions on the Dunajec are beautiful views and the availability of rafting throughout the season.
Rafting on the Białka River near Zakopane. This offer is addressed to people looking for adrenaline and strong experiences. Crystal clear, icy water flowing down from the Tatras and beautiful views that are not different from those we have in the Alps. Rafting on Białka is unfortunately only reachable in the spring when melting snow in the Tatras when the water level is high. (from May to June).
In addition to the rivers in Poland, we have an artificial track on which you can swim the whole season on pontoons. Rafting in Krakow is a medium difficulty and is very safe at the same time.

Is rafting safe?

Rafting trips belong to the group of extreme sports, just as many other rafting sports can be practiced at various levels of difficulty. Rivers designed for rafting, as well as ski trails, are characterized by varying degrees of difficulty, starting from very easy to extreme. The same is with pontoon rafting the higher the slope, the faster it flows.
The level of difficulty of rafting, sets us the boundary between good safe play, where the risk of an accident is negligible and extreme swimming. The rafting on the Dunajec river has nothing to do with extreme rafting. Of course, water should never be underestimated and even the easiest river can be dangerous if we do not follow certain rules. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that every rafting trip is as safe as possible. Our instructors, like us, are constantly working on gaining new experiences. We organize Rafting in Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. We travel in search of new places, where we gain experience by swimming on the most difficult rivers in Europe.

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