The Białka and Bela river rafting

The Białka or Bela river rafting. The only chance for rafting on the mountain river of the Tatras, not far from Zakopane. Melting snow, foamy white water, a large drop in terrain is a challenge for people looking for strong impressions. With its source in the Bela Tatras, it is the only alpine river in Slovakia. The rafting, depending on the water level, takes place on 2-person pneumatic canoes or 7-person pontoons.

Trip dates on Białka and Bela

From May to June, check the calendar and booking form. Rafting on the Białka and Bela rivers are also available on other dates from April to June, provided that min. 6 people. If you are interested, please contact us.

Price: PLN170/person/day

Place of start:

 Bela River: Slovakia, Podbanskie village
Białka River: Poland, City of Jurgów


Because both the Białka and Bela rivers are quite difficult rivers and the conditions prevailing on the river change very quickly. Rafting can be organized on one of the rivers. The decision to change the river can be made even the day before the planned rafting will depend on the condition of the water on the river and the level of its difficulty on a given day. At low and medium water levels, we will sail on 2-person canoes and at high and very high states on 6-person pontoons. It is a matter of participants’ safety and is not negotiable. The water level of the Białka and Bela rivers can increase by several dozen m3 in a few hours!

Difficulty level: Medium / Hard

Price includes:

  • Care of instructors, mountain kayakers,
  • Equipment: professional rafting rafts 7 persons or pneumatic canoes,
  • Full dress: neoprene, neoprene, waterproof jacket, helmet, safety vest, paddle,
  • Waterproof bags,
  • Insurance

Rafting takes place on pneumatic kayaks or 7-seater dinghies – our equipment

Required: Swimming skills, no contraindications to increased physical effort.