Rafting Krakow – Extreme Pontoon Rafting

Rafting Krakow – This is the only such facility in Poland that has a modern mountain kayaking track and a rating. High water flow (35m3/s) and a 4.5 m difference in water level allow for a really strong rafting experience. At the same time, the track is very safe. The close location of the shore, even bottom, plastic figures imitating rocks and a small depth allow practicing this sport by people without experience. The only skills that each participant must have are basic swimming skills and no contraindications to increased physical effort.

Rafting as integration for companies and groups

Rafting is a team sport. One person is unable to maneuver between obstacles. Lack of cooperation of the crew on the pontoon usually ends with a dumper. Therefore, teamwork is an extremely important factor. When sailing on a strong current count quickly made decisions and cooperation of the whole team. You will quickly find out if someone from your team will not cooperate 😉

The scale of rafting difficulty: Average

Price Rafting:

PLN100 – 1 person – 1 hour
PLN160 – 1 person – 2 hours
Minimum number of people required for rafting to take place: 4-6

Price includes:

 The care of experienced instructors on every pontoon
 Belaying equipment and clothing: helmet, safety vest, neoprene footwear, neoprene foam (on cold days)
 Care of lifeguards on the shore

Dates of rafting in Krakow

We start the season in March and finish in October! We swim every weekend of the week, subject to the minimum number of people.

For companies and groups, additional attractions in the form of:

  • Barbecue or bonfire
  • Dragon boat racing
  • Kayak rental
  • Paintball

More info about rafting – FAQ